Adoration of the Maggi

Title: Adoration of the Maggi

Date: circa 1475-1480

Location of the work: Ufffizi Gallary Florence, Italy

Medium: Tempera on panel

Approximate dimensions of work: 43 3/4” x 52 ¾”

This painting by Sandro Botticelli was originally painted for the Lama family chapel in S. Maria Nuova, and was commissioned by Pier il Gottoso de Medici. This painting is especially interesting because the main focus is not necessarily on the Madonna and child being pictured. Rather those viewing this painting during this time would have recognized the figures of Cosimo the Elder, Piero the Gouty, Lorenzo the Magnificent, and Polition and Pico della Mirandola featured as the adoring Maggi. By placing these prominent societal figures in the painting, the focus is placed more on the brotherhood of these characters, rather than on the well known story of the birth of Jesus. These brotherhoods were a significant part of life in Florence since the Middle Ages, and it is celebrated here by Botticelli in these recognizable figures.


“Uffizi Florence-Great Museums of the Word”