Title: Maesta of Santa Trinita

Madonna and Child by Cimabue

Date: 1280-1290

Location of the work: Uffizi Museum

Medium: Tempera on panel

Approximate dimensions of work: 12ft 7 ½in x 7ft 3 ¾in

This Madonna and Child in Majesty painting by Cimabue is currently being displayed in the Uffizi Museum in Florence Italy in Room Two: The 13th Century and Giotto. It is alongside two other similar works, all three are Madonna and Child in Majesty’s. Two of these paintings, the Cimabue and Giotto, were alter pieces while the Duccio was not. The Duccio is never the less displayed alongside them due to, not only the similar time period, but also the similar theme of the Madonna and Child in Majesty.

Cimabue was born in Florence sometime in the 1240’s AD. He was heralded as a master of his time and his paintings were considered to be revolutionarily humanistic. In this Painting you can see that a sense of depth is returning to art as the angels overlap instead of being stacked on top of one another. Another attribute that sets this painting apart from its contemporaries is that Mary and Jesus have physical definition to their bodies rather than their bodies disappearing into their robes. An example of this is how Mary’s robes conform to her knee so that the viewer can tell where her leg is. Two features that set this Madonna and Child apart from the rest are how Jesus’ face is depicted as uncharacteristically old for a baby and that His hand is raised in the sign of blessing.

“Uffizi Florence-Great Museums of the Word”