Title: The Rucellai Madonna

Date: 1310

Location of the work: Uffizi Museum

Medium: Tempera on panel

Approximate dimensions of work: 10ft 8in x 6ft 8 ¼in

The second painting in the gallery with Cimabue’s Maesta of Santa Trinita is Duccio’s painting of the same subject. This Painting has received significantly less attention than the Cimabue and Giotto pantings that are next to it. This Painting more closely resembles the byzantine art of the previous era. The two dimensionality and objects independence from one another are typical of this era. The depiction of angels with one over top of the other and the way Mary floats over her chair without actually seeming to sit in it are examples of these traits. Also note how Mary seems to disappear into her robes so that you cannot see her body underneath, this contrast with Cimabue’s work where he began to articulate the human body.


“Uffizi Florence-Great Museums of the Word”