Title: The Ognissanti Madonna

Date: 1310

Location of the work: Uffizi Museum

Medium: Tempera on panel

Approximate dimensions of work: 10ft 8in x 6ft 8 ¼in

The third and final painting in this trio is Giotto’s version of Madonna and Child in Majesty. This painting marks the end of an era. With Giotto’s work stops using the former practice of using symbols to make a two dimensional picture, and starts to paint people. Giotto takes what Cimabue started with showing Mary’s knee and applies it throughout the whole painting. In this Madonna and Child the viewer can see that Mary and Jesus both have curves and shapes underneath their robes. Before this point the figures in a painting were only symbols of the characters, not representations. Giotto’s work changed that, now paintings were not only a representation of the characters, but it also brought with it a desire for physical accuracy. This can be seen in everything from the way the angels recede into the background to the way Jesus’ robes fall over his legs.


“Uffizi Florence-Great Museums of the Word”