Mary Enthroned Holding a Flowered Scepter

Title: Mary Enthroned Holding a Flowered Scepter

Date: 1887

Location of the work: Above the central portal of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy

Medium: Sculpture done in half relief

Approximate dimensions of work: Approximately 9ft

The Florence Cathedral is the result of 170 years of work.  It was said to be, “”a structure so immense, so steeply rising toward the sky, that it covers all Tuscans with its shadow”. The last part to be completed was the façade, which was done in a neo-gothic style. This cathedral was dedicated to the Madonna and given the title “Saint Mary of the Flower”, honoring the Mother of Christ, which is apparent from this central statue done by Tito Sarrocchi. This statue is located above the central portal of the cathedral, where it is a central focus. The sculpture depicts Mary holding an infant Jesus with her left arm, and a flowered scepter in her right. This flowered scepter is said to be a symbol of both the city of Florence as well as a symbol of Christ.

Santa Maria del Fiore