Title: Madonna of Foligno

Madonna of Foligno

Date:  1511-12

Location of the work: Vatican Museum

Medium: “Tempera grassa” on wood

Approximate dimensions of work: 308cm x 198cm

The Madonna of Foligno by Raffaello Sanzo is one of his many Madonna and Child paintings. This was commissioned by a prominent humanist by the name of Sigismonde de’ Conti in thanks to Marry for saving his house after it was struck by lightning. In this Madonna and Child painting five other characters are portrayed. Saint John the Baptist stands at the far left, in front of Saint John is Saint Francis kneeling. On the right side we se Sigismondo also kneeling and Saint Jerome standing over him with an angel in the middle. This particular portrayal of Madonna and Child portray them as coming out of the clouds of heaven as to depict that they are part of a vision.

The bright Colors in this painting are typical of the renaissance, but Raphael is known for his remarkably vivid pigments. The triangular layout of the figures portrayed here is something that Raphael picked up from Leonardo after studying some of his works.

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Image: http://www.lib-art.com/imgpainting/1/6/15761-the-madonna-of-foligno-raffaello-sanzio.jpg