Title: Madonna and Child enthroned

Date: 1200

Location: Notre Dame de Paris

Medium: Marble relief

Approximate dimensions: 5 meters by 9 meters

The grand, overwhelming and absolutely stunning Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is a must see when traveling in Paris. Mary, the virgin mother of God Himself, is the patron of this magnificent structure. Enthroned above the main portal, she presents Jesus Christ to the parishioners, to the city and to the

world.  As Christ holds his hand above the people, blessing them as they enter the doors of the church, one feels a sense of anticipation for the beauty that lies within.

The cathedral was constructed under the leadership of bishop Eudes de Sully starting in the 12th century. As bishop of Paris he declared that the original structure, St. Steven’s, that stood on the same sight was not fit for a city as great as Paris. With Pope Alexander III present, the first stone was laid in 1163; however, the façade wasn’t constructed until 1190.