Madonna and Child
Artist: Niccolo di Ser Sozzo Tegliacci
Date:  probably between 1350-1363
Location: Uffizi
Medium: tempera on wood
Size: 85×55
This painter was most active between 1350 and 1363. The artist, Niccolo di Ser Sozzo Tegliacci was a painter and the son of an illuminator from Siena. In 1363 he was acknowledged in the Book of the Arts for his town. Tegliacci work was finely detailed and highly decorative in style. He is quoted by the Getty Center in Los Angeles as having “fluid forms and subtle, harmonious chromatic effects…,Niccolo’s early illuminations combined with Sienese refinement with Florentine concern for modeling and weight.” His paintings were more embellished and detailed than his panel works, though these continued to express the impressions left on him from Simone Martini,, a Sienese painter. His style was more natural and realistic than many older works of the Byzantine era. Mary and baby Jesus are more lifelike, and we see details like the muscles in her neck and the toes of Jesus’ feet stretched upright.

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