Title: North Rose

Date: 1250

Location: Notre Dame de Paris, France

Medium: Stained glass

Approximant dimensions: 12.9 meters in diameter

Magnificently placed and delicately displayed, the North Rose of Notre Dame de Paris stunningly captures the artistic capabilities of the artists that have worked over the centuries to maintain it. Her grandeur is accentuated by her sheer size. At an enormous 12.9 meters in diameter, the North Rose stands out among the rest of the windows in this classic gothic structure.
The North Rose depicts many stories from the Old Testament; however, its main and central image is of the cathedral’s patron, Mary the Virgin mother of God and Christ. This Madonna and Child depiction is an original from the 13th century. The rose survived the Middle Ages when much of the windows in Paris were smashed by reformers and those who felt that dark stained windows should be replaced by better lit and more welcoming clear panes.

This typical, classic Gothic style window began one of the most widespread practices in church decoration. A must see when traveling to Paris.