Title: The Adoration of the Magi

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Date: 1481

Location: Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Medium: Oil and gold on canvas

Size: 97 inches by 96 inches

Commissioned in 1480, da Vinci intended to paint this for the main altar in a monastery near Florence; however, we can clearly see that it is unfinished. Leonardo left Florence for Milan shortly after receiving the contract to create this. Do not be shocked; the contact was quite pathetic and loose. The monks that drafted the contract decided that instead of paying da Vinci the full amount in cash that they would give a third of the value in property. He was not excited and in typical Leonardo fashion he didn’t finish.

The captivating and mesmerizing glow that the brown and yellow canvas expels demands the attention of the viewer. Even in its unfinished state, da Vinci pulls us into his studio as if we were an innocent bystander, watching another masterpiece being created.